Albert's Ark
The Amazing Adventures of Albert Tross

Is a children’s story targeted at 6-12 year olds with a broader family market which will be welcomed by the international market. It is an engaging tale that intertwines contemporary themes with inventive, vibrant fantasy. Albert’s story resonates with both boys and girls of a broad age-group through an exciting and compelling journey which draws the reader forward in a continually unfolding adventure.

Children of all ages will be engaged by its appealing group of characters, at the heart of which is the remarkable Albert Tross. Albert, in his past life an innocent and harmless albatross, has fallen victim to a clumsy sea-witch’s spell transforming him into a half bird-half pirate ship.

After coming to terms with his misfortune, Albert forms a new circle of friends including his great mate Admiral George Tucker. Also in the crew are Tucker’s niece Adeline and a young larrikin called Digger Smith with his pets “Cuz” the cheeky cockatoo and “Dougie” the cute dugong.

Bound together by a shared quest, the friends crew Albert as they would a sea-faring ship and explore the world, exchanging playful banter, learning the lessons of mateship, loyalty and self-belief, and encountering along the way a myriad of characters in a series of extraordinary adventures.

Many of their quests are linked to a magical wooden spoon which guides our heroes around the globe and sometimes back and forth through the fabric of time. Whether battling a giant squid off the coast of Peru, being chased by Vikings near Denmark, or navigating the mysterious and enchanted island Kingdom of Potrazeebee, our loveable hero Albert and his friends are never far from their next adventure.

The aim of the series is to provide children with educational insights into various countries and their surrounding waterways in a way they will absorb and remember. Information is delivered in an intriguing, quirky narrative that dwells with humour upon cultural differences and encompasses popular topics such as wildlife, food and sport, while tapping into the contemporary child’s predilection for weird, nonsensical or bizarre facts. A clever twist in the adventures has our heroes encountering extinct or sometimes mythological creatures to take back to Potrazeebee creating the most unique Noah’s Ark which is Albert’s Ark!

Consistently strong environmental messages are conveyed through the comedic style and language of today’s tweens. Several sub-plots provide constant counterpoint to the main themes of the story, such as the cheeky Adeline’s ongoing battle of wits with her larrikin crewmate Digger who loves to tease her in different situations, especially if the subject will “gross her out”. Children will want to jump on board Albert and join the crew in this unique adventure story. It will simultaneously entertain, inspire and educate about the power of passion, courage, mateship and determination.