Book 1
The Enchantment of Albert

The Enchantment of Albert is the first exciting adventure in the Tales of Tross series.

Sometimes life can be no more than a matter of being at the right place at the right time. But a wandering albatross was definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time... or was he?

Accidentally enchanted by an clumsy sea-witch, the albatross is turned into a half bird - half boat. He is forced to abandon everything he knows and becomes quite a bitter and twisted creature. But then, on impulse, he saves the life of a young sailor called George Tucker from a hungry pack of sharks.

One act of kindness leads to another and a strong, lifelong bond is formed with George naming the enchanted albatross... Albert Tross! Then, with George as captain and a colourful crew of characters which includes his niece Adeline, a young bloke called Digger Smith, his best mate Dougie the dugong as well as Cuz the cockatoo, Albert sets sail on the adventure of a lifetime to find the key to the long lost 'Misty Treasure'.

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Book 2 --coming soon
The Mists of Potrazeebee

You can lose your memory in the mists of Potrazeebee. Even worse you could be put under an evil spell by the spiteful Grotney, the wicked and twisted warlock who wants nothing more than to pollute the world.

In this second exciting installment of the Tales of Tross adventure -- our hero Albert and his loyal crew of friends meet unseen dangers, mysterious creatures and startling surprises at every turn.

You will battle grotesque sea monsters, befriend the fabulous Fishtonites, and learn the strange truth about the Potrazeebians' secret history. Just remember to take a map... because anything can happen in the mists of Potrazeebee.

Tunes of Tross-CD

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