Talk about a case of being in the wrong place at the right time! Albert Tross was an albatross who was accidentally enchanted by the spell of a clumsy sea witch. The spell went terribly wrong and joined him with a broken down old pirate ship.

Albert, the loveable hero of the story, is the vehicle for all the crew’s world saving adventures. Unique, special and certainly one of a kind, his character develops through love and loyalty to the Admiral and later the rest of the crew. Albert has inherited a pirate accent and still harbours the dream of one day being able to fly.

Age: Since my enchantment, I’ve lost count but say an even 200!
Favourite Food: Digger’s famous chilli squid -- but look out the next day!
Favourite Sayings: Any sentence starting with “for the love of…", like, “for the love of a homeless hermit crab”.
Favourite Animal: All marine creatures, and especially the albatross of course.
Hobbies & Interests: Fishing with the Admiral.