Digger’s other devoted companion and prized pet is Cuz. He is extremely cheeky but very courageous. A totally loyal friend to Digger and the rest of the crew.

You will never see Cuz too far from Digger’s side unless he is scouting up front for possible danger. Unlike Dougie, Cuz does not like to put his nose where it shouldn’t be and will repeatedly advise Dougie and Adeline to stop being so nosey!

Age: 15
Favourite Food: Sweet corn and tropical mango which I have to fight Adeline over to get my fair share!
Favourite Sayings: “I told you so, ahh; I told you so, ahh.”
Favourite Animal: The tiger shark ‘cos it nearly ate Dougie -- only joking!!
Hobbies & Interests: Nibbling at Digger’s ear or anyone else who will let me (I love ear wax); Scouting up front; Teasing Albert.