A true Aussie bush child, Digger’s thirst for adventure is matched only by the respect he has for the world and all of its inhabitants. He loves to tease Adeline and is bold, brash and the larrikin of the crew. He’s silly at times, but still serious, and has a special af?nity with the animal kingdom.

Digger like the rest of the crew is passionate about wildlife and will relish a new adventure or great challenge. He has two loyal pets in Cuz the cockatoo and Dougie the dugong.

Age: 17
Favourite Food: I love almost anything especially if it is barbecued.
Favourite Sayings: "Spot on"; "No worries"; "Dead set”.
Favourite Animal: Cockatoos and dugongs of course.
Hobbies & Interests: I’ve got heaps... cooking; teasing or grossing out Adeline; exploring; Aussie and rhyming slang, like, “Noah’s ark" meaning a shark; and to be the first to discover a Bunyip.