How to Play:
  • Click on the game maze when Java PacMan appears, then when 'S' to start game appears, press the S key on your keyboard and the game will begin.
  • The Yellow PacMan can be moved around the maze by pressing the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Move PacMan around the maze to eat as many energy dots as he can. Each dot he eats increases your score.
  • Stay away from the dangerous Red Ghosts! If PacMan runs into a Red Ghost, he disappears and the round ends. There are 3 rounds per game.
  • When PacMan eats one of the square Bonus Dots in the 4 corners of the maze, all the Red Ghosts will turn Blue. When the ghosts are Blue, PacMan can then eat them and get big bonus points. But be careful! The ghosts only stay blue for a short while and then turn red again.
  • After a game ends, you can press your S key to start a new game.

See how HIGH you can SCORE!